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Pastor's Podcast with Barry Davis

Pastor's Podcast with Barry Davis is crafted specifically for pastors, clergy, and Christian leaders. Hosted by seasoned minister Barry Davis, this insightful series dives into the multifaceted world of church leadership, offering wisdom, encouragement, and thoughtful analysis. From the practical challenges of pastoral care, stewardship, and community engagement to the profound theological inquiries that shape our faith, "Pastor's Podcast" is a comprehensive resource that equips listeners to navigate the complex landscape of ministry. Each episode, Barry brings his decades of experience to the table, providing scripturally-grounded insights, engaging interviews with seasoned pastors, and interactive Q&A sessions with listeners. Whether you're a seasoned minister or a new pastor, this podcast will inspire, challenge, and uplift you. Brought to you by LectionaryLink.com, a trusted resource for church leaders, "Pastor's Podcast with Barry Davis" is more than a podcast; it's a companion on your journey of faith and leadership. Tune in for fresh perspectives, practical tools, and theological reflections that empower you to lead with conviction, compassion, and Christ-centered focus.
Counting with Care: The Role and Limits of Numbers in Ministry